Awesome 3D Paintings by Shaka

Marchal Mithouard is a French artists who goes by Shaka. Shaka is known for his amazing three-dimensional, street art inspired, paintings. For using such intricate shapes and bright colors i find it interesting how realistic his work comes out.. blue, pink, green, and yellow are not typical colors used to create a realistic face, but Shaka knows how to do it, and kill it. I really love his work, I think it has potential to open the eyes of people who are not necessarily into street art, and make them appreciate a different style of art.


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I love partying and having fun with my friends, but if you’re putting that before the things you want most in life you won’t get them.

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Christy Mack released the statement above on her Twitter today about the abuse she endured Friday by the hands of her boyfriend, MMA fighter, Jon Koppenhaver. She said this isn’t the first time it’s happened but it’s the never been this bad. He spent 1 year in jail in 2012 for assault at a night club. My heart and well wishes go out to Christy Mack. I wish her a quick recovery and I hope they find this asshole and serve him the justice he deserves. If a loved one abuses you mentally or physically, they most likely will not stop. Get out while you can. 1-800-799-SAFE or click Chat on the upper right hand side.

This is horrible.

Holy fucking shit.

Oh my god. This is horrible.

So Rihanna gets beat and it’s on every news channel/ entertainment , yet christy Mack is almost beaten to death and no one cares Sex workers are people too

thats fucked man, shes one my fave pornstars